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If you shape Technology and design Sign the Copenh...
The Copenhagen Letter Copenhagen, 2017 To everyone who shapes technology...
Submitted: 16th September 2017

IPO UK announces Registered Design markings can be...
Creative Barcode IP Tag URLS provide an ideal means to confirm and edit design...
Submitted: 6th September 2017

Innovation Reports

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Full Report
Copyright Licensing: Risks and Opportunities, Maxine J Horn
15 April 2015
Full Report
BDI Ltd and BIDA report - full story, Julian Wilkins, IPLawyer and Maxine Horn
8 August 2014
Full Report
Open Data: Unlocking innovation and performance with liquid information, McKinsey Global Institute
29 October 2013
Full Report
Banking on IP, Intellectual Property Office
16 October 2013
Full Report
2013 China Innovation Survey, Booz & Compnay
15 October 2013
Full Report
Rights and Wrongs: Is copyright liscensing fit for digital age, Richard Hooper / Ros Lynch
27 March 2012
Full Report
Small claims track to the Patents County Court - Government Response, Lord Justice Jackson and Professor Ian Hargreaves3
26 March 2012
Full Report
Innovation and research strategy for growth , Coalition Government
8 December 2011
Full Report
UK IP International Strategy, UK IPO
10 October 2011
Full Report
Hargreaves Review of UK Intellectual Property, Prof Ian Hargreaves
15 May 2011